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Packaging and Packing

Innovative and modern design tools

Packaging and Packing Business overview

LAT provides the service of packaging and packing by using innovative and Modern Design tools. Economize Packing Material Design and high quality cubic packaging utilization Design. High quality packaging. Simplify and Packing time minimize. Use reference standard as Logistics Engineering Standard(LES) and Mazda Engineer Standard(MES). Packaging and packing Material specification validation and packing operation validation.

Service Part

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LAT has a parts logistics system service to meet customer needs. For delivery and receipt of disbursement orders. Inventory management distribution process Packing management for import and export throughout the country and around the world.

Packaging and Packing Service Approach

has experience different sizes products

LAT has more experience that products come in all different sizes, shapes and weights and in the auto industry, customer need an automotive parts packaging design that reflect the nature of the product packaged base on requirement a customized packaging solution to ensure they stay safe in transport.

design as customer need

The packaging specialists at LAT work closely with each customer to design an automotive parts packaging solution that works for their business and product. LAT can help customer to design an attractive and strong product packaging that protects fragile automotive parts and accessories. Whatever automotive parts packaging design as customer need, our custom-designed packaging will provide the ultimate in parts protection and shipping.