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Container Yard overview business

   Roles & Responsibility
          One of the greatest strengths of LAT container yard operations is the ability to work closely with customers and adapt to their needs. Whether it’s adjusting the yard operating hours or training our employees to perform specialized work, LAT flexibility coupled with port proximity provides convenient solutions for customers.

Container Haulage

 LAT has import goods on time production schedule and export ensure customer to receive on time. Inland movement of a container under the control of a shipping line using a haulage contractor nominated by the carrier.

Container Yard Service Approach

Low client cost of goods sold

  • FIFO Container Management
  • Optimize operating time

Safety Service

  • Experienced and well trained Staff
  • Well designed process

Packing Productivity increasing

  • Simplify packing designed
  • Packing Manpower saving
  • Fixed working pattern and responsibility

Quality Service

  • No extra cost from container and goods damaged

On time Service

  • Proper and synchronize container planning.(Receiving/Devan/Return/Delivery)
  • Close monitoring
  • Performance report and follow up