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Establishment 4 April 1997 Start Operation July 1998 (started container yard operation) Capital 150,000,000 baht Manpower 682 people *Feb 1st 2021  more...

Transportation Management 

Container Yard Management

Import and Export Services

Warehouse Management

Packaging Design and Solution

Packing Services


  • To be an excellent company with the logistics service technology.


  • To provide our valued customer with the high quality of logistics solution and relating timely and competitive with their satisfaction.
  • To provide shareholders with a fair and reasonable return of their investment.​
  • To dedicate to the nation and people by means of social and economic obligation.


1. Reliability is very important to do the business.
2. Progress is our aim in both business and human society life.
3. Cooperation is very important in business, we should organize our employee’s powers and utilize them to compete with our competitors.

Standard & Certification


1. Quality
2. Speed
3. Cost
4. Environment