CKD operation for automobile

Container yard operation and control

Processing for packing materials (wood) and control

Packing automobile service part and control

Logistics operation for automobile parts


  • To be an excellent company with the logistics  service technology.


  • To provide our valued customer with the high quality of logistics solution and relating timely and competitive with their satisfaction.
  • To provide shareholders with a fair and reasonable return of their investment.
  • To dedicate to the nation and people by means of social and economic obligation.
1. Reliability is very important to do the business.
2. Progress is our aim in both business and human society life.
3. Cooperation is very important in business, we should organize our employee’s powers and utilize them to compete with our competitors.
1. Quality
2. Speed
3. Cost
4. Environment


Service & Delivery
Delivery speed is very important to our customers who demand and expect on-time delivery of products. To serve our customer’s needs, we provide and maintain our high speed by using the Supply-Chain System which is a total systems approach to managing the entire flow of information, materials, and services from raw-materials suppliers through factories and warehouses to the end customers. In the process LAT can reduce risks in the supply chain, thereby positively affecting inventory information, cycle time, processes, and, ultimately, end-customer service levels.

We also use the Just in Time [JIT] system to support our service area. Our on-time delivery service can support and help our customers to increase market share, much to their satisfaction.

Competitive Price
We focus on cost reductions through all our company functions such as Labor costs, Material costs, Inventory costs, Transportation costs, Quality costs and other costs like maintenance costs. All cost reductions make us more price competitive while still maintaining our high quality and good teamwork.

Our Customers